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5 Awesome TEFL Internships Programs For 2021

We have seen quite a few times that inexperienced ESL teachers or the freshers often ask how to get ESL teaching experience, how can they gather work experience, etc. The various kinds of TEFL internships are a perfect fit for the ESL freshers to gather some practical job-experience that can be supportive for starting off their EFL/ESL teaching career.

It is a known fact that practical classroom experience is essential to advance teaching skills. TEFL internships make the teaching-learning experience more active. Also, the hands-on experience from internships will upsurge your employability factor. As English language is one of the dominating languages in the world now, the demand for English language teachers is huge. As a result, finding an EFL/ESL job can sometimes be a tricky task.

So, in these kinds of situations, why not try a TEFL internship instead?

If we talk about the benefits of the TEFL internships, then you will see these are an outstanding way to gain work experience in the industry. These could be just the marching stone that people like you need to get! If you’re a student, new ESL graduate or a professional who is looking for a career change, a TEFL internship can give you a substantial confidence enhancement.

TEFL Internships Programs For 2021

The internship programmes also give you a static period of service where you will be trained on-the-job. You will also gain actual awareness of what an ESL career in your chosen destination would be like day-to-day. Moreover, you will also likely to make lots of contacts in your field while completing an internship and this can help you to find employment in the future.

Here are 5 great TEFL internship programs in 2021 -

TEFL Internship in Thailand

Experience Thailand’s captivating culture with a TEFL internship in Thailand. The Land of Smiles offers some of the great career opportunities for the ESL teachers who have 120-hour TEFL course online certificate.

Through this, not only will you be a completely skilled TEFL teacher but also you will also be certified to formulate students for the vital IELTS and TOEIC tests. A bachelor’s degree is also a standard requirement for internships in Thailand.

TEFL Internship in Costa Rica

Interested in teaching English in a beautiful country? If yes, then consider TEFL internships in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has great beaches, contemporary cities and approachable local people.  It is also one of the most popular countries to teach English as a second language in Central America.

Also, there are some great educational volunteer programs in Costa Rica where you can help underprivileged communities and children to advance and practise their English language skills. With an international English teaching certificate online, you can avail of TEFL internships in Costa Rica.

TEFL Internship in Spain

No matter what your level of Spanish is, the country has always been one of the topmost TEFL destinations. From full of go cities to old-style villages, Spain offers a great career opportunity for the ESL enthusiastic people. You’ll get an understanding of what it’s really like to live as a local in Spain and will also get some hands-on classroom experience.

With an accredited TEFL certification, a confident and influential TEFL teacher can expand his/her ESL career through TEFL internship programs in Spain.

TEFL Internship in Vietnam

Well, through the TEFL internship in Vietnam, you’ll learn about current Vietnamese life, its history, culture, language and religion along with the education system. You will also learn what to expect when you go to your ESL school, as well as making your lessons and submitting lesson plans.

With a clean police record and an online TEFL certificate course, you can easily avail this internship program for Vietnam. Vietnam is the perfect place to work as an English teacher with a range of cultures and traditions. Vietnam also prides itself on its rich history and tropical climate.

Teaching English overseas is not only a viable way to earn money but also an opportunity to visit some of the most picturesque coastal destinations in the world!

TEFL Internship in Argentina

This fantastic artistic opportunity offers the applicants an amazing career opportunity to gain TEFL teaching experience. You will also enjoy Argentina’s unique culture and with a minimum of a 120-hour TEFL certificate, you won’t even need any previous teaching experience.

Argentina is also one of the most desired destinations for teaching English positions. TEFL internships in Argentina is the perfect way to get qualified and gain experience to teach English overseas.

Well, we hope you can understand now that there are many wonderful options for TEFL internships abroad. TEFL internships generally allow the flexibility to try different work experiences around the world. Selecting the right internship program for you is a big part of going abroad and internships are just the first step to a long career in the TEFL with a 120-hour TEFL course online.


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