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5 Mind-Blowing Teaching Tips For Non-Native ESL Instructors

As a skilled ESL teacher, it is necessary to keep in remember that your guidance will only help your learners. Don’t be put off for being a non-native English speaker; there are still abundantly roles out there for you. In fact, you will have a better understanding of how your apprentices feel from your own time learning English.

Sometimes, you may seem to feel unfair that several countries only want first language speakers to teach English. As some of these requirements are set by different benefactors hence most English-language hiring requirements come directly from the country itself.

Helpful Teaching Tips for Non-Native ESL Teachers

Keep It Simple

One issue that ESL teachers frequently encounter is that of trying to do too much, too hurriedly. The best method to approach effective ESL teaching is to pick just one use or function and focus on that exact point. This will help maintain things simple for your learners and give him/her tools on which to build. So, try a trivial deviation first and see how it works. This will give you the encouragement to experiment more.

Embrace Five Senses

As visual is the most frequently fused, here are some ideas for the enduring four senses:

  • Cotton balls, pipe cleaners, sand, tin foil, sand paper, candy wrappers, seashells and feathers are easy materials to get you started embracing touch and feel.
  • For the sense of taste, you can do a blindfolded taste quiz with your learners, offer them something minor to crumb on, and asking them what it was.
  • You can get tons of sound effects online for the sense of sound, so this kind of activity isn’t restricted to transfer.
  • There are numerous other notable learning activities you can do when the focus on the sense of sight.

Create A Self-Organized Learning Environment

Produce a self-organized learning environment (SOLE) for your learners. It includes giving learners a question which they’ll discover online in groups. The foremost principles of SOLEs are that learners take the front wheel on their education, evolving habits to think critically and to learn on their own for the rest of their lives. SOLEs have frequently been used to date for teaching content topics.

Watch this video and know the tricks to get your first TEFL job!

Reducing the Use of Students’ Mother Tongue

Indeed, it’s not as easy as it seems. You may use memorization games and pictures as well. Take help from the internet, it has also always been a great source of ESL activities, especially for practicing past lessons in an enjoyable way. You may use websites such as www.eslgamesworld.com and www.islcollective.com, which have lots of stimulating and interactive games.

Consider TEFL

Try to enrol for the courses for teaching English abroad. At the beginning of your career, having an initial TEFL certification is a must for passionate ESL teachers. It is a great opportunity to develop your professional skills as well. Remember, the requirements may vary and some ESL destinations may not need a TEFL certification but there are numerous great reasons to get certified.

The ESL teachers who are native-speakers understand how people “naturally” talk. That deepness of knowledge of the language, and the high level of capability, can be valuable to the English apprentice.

The reality is that many of the best English language teachers are non-native speakers themselves with the courses for teaching English abroad program. Remember, you don't need to have been born in a convinced nation in order to be confident in English, so apply with confidence and discover the options that are achievable to you!


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