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Narrow Down The Student Affairs Job Search With ACT

Needless to say, navigating the global job search is daunting. Moreover, various countries have various EFL/ESL opportunities and requirements. Hence, finding the right position on the right campus can be quite challenging. But…no need to panic as the Student Affairs department of the Asian College of Teachers is here to support.

Our proficient advisors will empower you to make your big teaching English abroad move with confidence. The department will safeguard you have the finest resources and understanding on getting an EFL/ESL job abroad.

Resources and Support for Alumni and Current Students of Asian College of Teachers

Networking helps in growing networks with recruiters. Also, more peers come to know each other well. Let us see a few of the services ---

1. Access to a personal Student Affairs Advisor of the Asian College of Teachers who will be your guide to directing your international job search. Our experts are able to adjustto your specific plan. They also offer their vision and expertise on how to navigate the global job market. Our Student Affairs assists students with their application timeline, visa information and everything they need to fix to start their job search.

2. Our alumni and current students get the access to Asian College of Teachers’ complete library of educational resources, including detailed job search country profiles, school locaters along with job search management webinars.

3. Asian College of Teachers emphasises the placement services as much as it does on its teacher training programs. We also conduct an All India video conferencing session for each student pan India.

4. Our placement cell addresses exclusively all questions related to placement. It also delivers a complete organizational overview on approaching various institutes with handling recruitment-related problems.

5. The placement cell of the Asian College of Teachers gives a step by step guide on the essential documents, videos, teaching practices, resume preparation, documentation and other steps which will be obligatory to make the job search easier.

6. Students also get the access to our international resume and cover letter templates. They correspondingly receive personalized feedback from our expert advisor on their resume and cover letter.

Prove Tips to Help You Succeed in the Job Search

Here are a few tips to aid you process through the job search.

1. You need to start considering what characteristics of a job you are interested in. Ask yourself questions like would you like to be a part of a team or would you like to work alone? How do you want to spend your time at your job?

2. You need to find out the different functional areas you know nothing about. Ask questions and be inquisitive. If a guest speaker from another organization talks in one of your classes, try to grab their contact information.

3. Start working on your resume and cover letter now. Take benefit of any opportunity to practice your interviewing skills.

4. Try to apply to several different jobs and start early!

Lastly, don’t give up. You will find a job! You have the education.  Do not allow rejection to slow you down!

Job searching is exhausting. Therefore, whether you are ready to go tomorrow, or want to wait, the Student Affairs department of the Asian College of Teachers is here to support you reach your goals to teach English abroad jobs. With Online TEFL Certification, you will be able to grab the lucrative teaching English abroad jobs.


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