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Benefits Of Green Screen For Remote Teaching

Online teaching has become an essential part of the educational platform - both professionally and academically. Educators now understand the importance of shifting the perspective to how they can better the learning process. Each innovative idea can bring so much value to the table. While we have heard about the use of the green screen on a news channel and in movies, using green screens can also be used for Zoom virtual backgrounds online teaching platforms.

Additionally, it can be super fun, easy, and looks so professional. Of course, this is new concept teachers are embracing and seems a bit intimidating from a technical point of view but Green Screens for online teachers are truly affordable and easy to use plus there is even an option to use virtual background.

Before we learn about the benefits of the green screen let us first get clear on the idea of a green screen –

A green screen is a simple backdrop made up of a single color usually green, but can also be blue sometimes. It is made of fabric like a muslin cloth. But the good news is, you can also make it from canvas, cardboard, and even use a green painted wall. Green screen technology can provide your learners a plethora of exciting learning opportunities, not to mention online ESL teachers use this tool to enhance the learning experience that can take learners beyond the screen of their laptop or computer.

So, Why Should You Use A Green Screen In Your Remote Classroom?

  • Apart from helping teaching deliver more effective and fun lessons, using different backgrounds can compensate for the drawback of not being physically in the same room. online ESL teachers can create an authentic learning experience for the lesson to create an effective learning environment.
  • You can cancel unnecessary furniture and personal items from the screen to use your home space or other location without much hesitation.
  • You can also cut down the use of too many props to show specific objects to explain concepts and elicit discussion on a broader level, especially on topics such as geography, weather, landmarks, nature, food, and many more.

Benefits Of Using Green Screen On Virtual Learning –

Maximize real-time learning experience

With the green screen, the teacher can engage students and can also make the most of remote learning situations in topics that require physical presence. For instance, when learners are given role-play tasks, they can actively create a deeper sense of emotional connection with the character. A green screen also has a huge benefit on visual learners. A physical moment with green screen allows a mind-body connects.

Solid time saver

Green screen is easy to use and can be set with minimal time. ESL teachers often need to keep the props and tools handy each day according to the lesson. With green screen, the use of props can be reduced. Also, if there is a pop-up question of a portion of the lesson that needs to be explained from a different angle, the ESL teacher can quickly use his/her innovative idea in explaining the topic. additionally, multiple topics can be included in the form of cross-curricula. For instance, science, reading writing, music, theatre can be incorporated into one project.

Supports inquiry-based learning

Green screen is also beneficial for inquiry-based learning. students learning styles can be incorporated by giving the research project. This automatically enhances learners' engagement and also makes it more interesting and thus promotes learners' autonomy.

Final Words

Teaching has always been as much about how teachers can enhance the learning experience. By right using the right tools we can flame students’ curiosity to engage with the learning content, even when the teacher and learners are not sharing the same physical space. It is absolutely essential to embrace technology as a way of tapping into their interest. Green Screens for online teachers can help them provide learners with rich, creative learning experiences. When teachers can enable such learning space it allows students to create and reflect on learning.


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