European International university (EIU) - TEFL pathway

If you have set your eyes for a long-term teaching career then getting aMaster’s degree certificate in Education, Teaching and Learning, including TEFL from European International university (EIU), will indeed help your career grow in leaps and bounds! ACT, the Asian leader in teacher education, in academic collaboration with European International University (EIU) offers Master’s Degree Course to help you develop innovative teaching strategies, including the latest ESL/EFL teaching techniquesfor varied learners and create a classroom atmosphere conducive to interactive learning.
M.S.IET program – TEFL pathway, provided by ACT in academic collaboration with EIU, will provide you with a range of career choices and help you polish and work on your teaching skills in specific teaching field like TEFL as well. If you seek a career in teaching English and work in the field of TESOL then a Master’s degree like M.S.IET - TEFL Pathway is the best possible way to build a career in ESL.The course has been specifically designed for TEFL aspirants to help them learn the latest strategies with respect to ESL/EFL teaching. Learn the different aspects of 21st century TEFL Classroom to capture your learners’ interest and get the confidence to teach learners of varied age-groups in different places around the world. Through this innovative Master’s program, the trainees will also get a detailed idea about all aspects of TEFL which will help carve a successful path in EFL/ESL teaching.
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