Virtual Online Teaching (VOLT)

Majority of the teachers today are stillunfamiliar with the nitty-gritty of conducting a virtual classroom with the help of only a screen and microphone. They still struggle with instruction offered via computer and the internetwhile using various electronic delivery methods.It is high time that today’s educators become well-versed with online teaching so that they can make students moreactive in the learning process. So, if you are planning to thrive as a 21st centuryteacherthen, master the techniques to teach a full class over an entirely new platform keeping pace with thechanging dynamics of technology-driven teaching.We, at ACT have designed a training course for Virtual Teachers after careful planning and research, for aspiring as well as on-the-job teachers, who are looking to become a pro in the world of virtual teaching. With everything becoming digitalized, it is natural for learners to seek virtual learning opportunities.
Moreover, today’s learners are well acquainted with technological tools and hence will look for opportunities to consume information online.If you want to be part of this change, then join us for our virtual training course and be equipped with the latest teaching concepts and skills. Our course - Virtual Online Teaching (VOLT) is provided to our candidates in 2 levels - Certificate and Diploma. Participants can choose to opt for any of the levels as per their convenience and knowledge on the subject matter.

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