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Ensure TEFL Classroom Success: Top Classroom Management Strategies Which You Should Utilize Right Away

So, you have completed your TEFL certification course and are ready to teach EFL/ESL around the world. However, somewhere in your mind, you may be thinking about how to control the disruptive behaviour of students in your TEFL classroom.

Implementation of classroom management can be very beneficial to create a perfect learning environment that improves student's engagement rate and mitigates disruptive behaviour of their as well. According to winginstitute.org, classroom management can also improve the student’s overall performance as well.

Impact on classroom management on student achievement
Source: winginstitute.org

As we can see there are plenty of benefits that the classroom management method can bring to the table. Now, it’s time to explore various approaches to implementing classroom management methods in TEFL classrooms successfully.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Create a Positive Classroom Culture

To lay the foundation of classroom management creating a positive culture within the classroom is one of the vital aspects. It helps to set the tone for student engagement, behaviour, and every student’s academic success. Below we have shared some useful strategies to create a positive classroom culture:

  • Showcase Ideal Behaviour

One of the effective ways to influence student behaviour in a positive way is by showing it to them by yourself. You can present certain situations in front of your students and show them what is the ideal behaviour in that particular situation.

  • Involve Them In Creating Guidelines

Instead of just giving them a set of rules and expectations to follow, you can include them and give them the freedom to contribute while creating rules and guidelines. This will give more sense of belonging to students within the classroom and also foster a sense of responsibility and having proper understanding of expectations.

  • Bring Rules & Regulation To Life

Once you’re done creating all the rules and expectations with your students, it’s time to document them and bring them to life. Emphasize the fact that all the rules which have been created, your students play a huge role in it. You can also paste the rules and expectations document to make it a visual reminder to students, if they don’t follow those rules then they are disrespecting everything that they think they should follow for their own good.

  • Avoid Punishing the Whole Class

Teachers have a tendency to punish the whole class if any students violate any rules. However, if you call out particular students in a friendly manner and try to understand their situation and help them to become more disciplined can help you to build a positive relationship with every student.

2. Promoting the Engagement Rate of Students

Teaching in any classroom where students are not engaging with the learning process will yield no results. Every TEFL teacher should encourage their ESL/EFL teacher to actively engage with every classroom and encourage them to take the initiative for effective classroom management. Below we have shared a few strategies that can promote student’s engagement with the learning process and take initiative.

  • Encourage Initiative

One of the best ways to promote the ideology of classroom management is to give students the encouragement to take the initiative in their learning journey within the classroom. For example- if you’re teaching a certain lesson, you can ask students to read a specific paragraph. You can even encourage them to give a short presentation of their learning in the classroom, this will foster a sense of active participation as well.

  • Praise Their Effort

Students always tend to do well when their actions or hard work get recognized and strive to do better even more. Whenever any student has done any praise-worthy behaviour or act, you can provide a word of encouragement to them. This will help them to boost their self-esteem and it also further encourages them to exhibit positive behaviour and strive towards achieving academic success.

  • Utilize Non-Verbal Communication

With verbal instructions, you can also utilize the non-verbal set of instructions to improve your content delivery and focus of students as well. You can consider utilizing visual aids such as infographics, videos, and different objects to help students better understand their learning materials.

3. Providing Feedback and Recognition

Lastly, providing timely feedback to every student and recognizing their effort can be one of the effective ways to lay the foundation of classroom management in your TEFL classroom. This will help every student to thrive after receiving constructive feedback and constant recognition for theory efforts. We have shared some of the effective strategies to provide constructive feedback and provide recognition.

  • Provide Constructive Feedback

Providing time-to-time feedback can prove to be a boon for every student in your TEFL classroom. You can consider giving feedback on a one-on-one basis and help them to understand what they are doing right and in which area they need to improve more.

  • Communicate with Parents

Involving parents of every student to inform them how their children are performing can go a long way toward improving the academic performance of students. You can let parents know about their child’s academic progression, behavior-related observation, and their achievements. Having proper communication with student’s parents can ultimately help to foster proper classroom management.

  • Offer Praise and Rewards

Praise students for their achievements and efforts, highlighting specific examples of their positive behavior or accomplishments. Sincere praise can inspire the entire class, improve self-esteem, and reinforce desired rules and values. Additionally, consider providing tangible rewards, such as raffle tickets, to students who consistently exhibit positive behaviour. These rewards can be exchanged for prizes or privileges, creating a motivating incentive.

Classroom Management Is The Way To Become an Effective TEFL Teacher

Once you have decided to teach ESL/EFL around the world, you must equip yourself to lay a foundation of classroom management methods to create a positive learning environment. Those teachers who have pursued courses like 120 Hours TEFL course know very well how to implement different approaches to manage the classroom effectively.

However, in this blog post as well, we have shared various strategies with which you can manage your classroom in a more effective way. Lastly, remember that every class is unique, and it may be necessary to adapt and modify these strategies to meet the specific needs of your students.

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