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Can You Teach English Online With No Degree? YES, You Can!

You can teach English online without a degree, and you can work anytime from anywhere! It is absolutely achievable to teach online without even a Bachelor's Degree. Well, there are a number of online language schools and institutes that will employ you, but you need to understand and pay close attention to the job requirements.

Each online teaching English job has different requirements and teaching English online without a bachelor’s degree can unlock many unconstrained doors. Keep reading the piece to discover more about how you can teach English online with no degree. All the information below is full of constructive and helpful tips along with some recommendations to facilitate you get started as an online EFL teacher.

Changes in last year – 2019

The major TEFL market is being found in China and the same is correct of the online TEFL market. However, due to some changes which were brought in by China’s Ministry of Education in 2019, China-based online English teaching platforms now need to make sure that all of their teachers have at least a 120-hour TEFL criterion from a rightfully recognized course provider. Eventually, this brought more requirements in the visa procedures for EFL teachers who want to work in the country.

Don’t be disheartened! There are still a lot of career opportunities to teach English online out there for those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree! Only the thing is you just need to know where to search and how to meet the requirements in the best position for securing a job.

Do you need to be a native English speaker?

Well, no, it is absolutely possible to teach English online as a non-native English speaker however, there will be the catch of the list of companies in which you can work for will be more restricted. Don’t let that put you down – just be ready for it as there is a possibility!

What qualifications do you need to teach English online?

The most significant requirement for teaching English online is a TEFL certification, you can do it online or offline doesn’t matter. Therefore, if you wish to teach English online without a bachelor’s degree, the best thing which you can do is to get TEFL certified as soon as possible. A TEFL certification is the most excellent approach to be trained at all of the ESL skills and knowledge that you’ll need for teaching English online, so you won’t need any other qualifications once you’ve got this one!

Well, one more requirement for teaching English online is a high intensity of English fluency. Non-native English speakers will be expected to demonstrate their proficiency in English. Sometimes, companies may ask you for any prior teaching experience, though not always necessary, is also a huge plus point and can help you to compete with other job applicants.

How to build up your teaching English experience

Once you’re TEFL certified, you can teach English online as a freelance online English tutor. This will immensely help you in future, once you gather some experience, you can create your own teaching English online profile, website or social network. If you don’t wish to go for it then apply for an online English teaching position just straight away.

Well, some great options for teaching English online with no degree are PalFish, Lingoda, Voxy, TomABC, Magic Ears and so on. You can use these companies as they are hiring individuals to teach English online with no degree. We understand that it can be hard to find your primary few students at first, but once you have some experience, you’ll soon be getting new inquiries on a regular basis. Make sure you are certified with TEFL certification courses online. Plus, if you freelance initially, you’ll be capable to set your own rates of forfeit, choose your own teaching hours and choose your own students.


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