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Be A Part Of Dynamic Singapore

Being one of the most dynamic, exotic, progressive in nature, Singapore is now the hot cake for teachers who want to establish their teaching careers abroad.  To teach English in Singapore, you must require a TEFL certificate or a TESOL certification, irrespective of the fact is you are a professional teacher or an aspirant.

Needless to say, having teaching experiences will definitely be an added advantage. However, there are abundant teaching jobs for aspiring teachers who have TEFL qualifications and a minimum of 10+2 level education. If you are an aspiring teacher or a professional one and you want to be TEFL qualified, pursue the online TEFL courses without costing the comfort of your home.

The tropical climate of Singapore attracts a lot of tourists. Consequently, people are more fascinated towards this country for an establishment. Native English speakers and non-native English speakers love to become teachers in Singapore owing to the favorable weather condition, outrageous destinations, plenty of job opportunities, and so on.

Eligibility criteria:

Both professional teachers and aspirants can discover the affluence of teaching opportunities in Singapore. In order to have the TEFL certificate, you must have a minimum of 10+2 level of education, a firm knowledge of the English language, and basic computer skills.

If you have teaching experience along with TEFL certifications then you can easily fetch a fat salary job. You will get many other opportunities or perks provided you have quality job exposure earlier. Often, the schools or language institutes provide accommodations based on the level of work experience.

Being a fresher, teaching English in Singapore might not pay you pretty high initially, but once you gain some experience you will undoubtedly get a decent hike. TEFL and TESOL or TEFL certifications are required to be eligible. You will be earning enough to live a comfortable life but saving money might not be that easy. Aim for a break-even at the very beginning.

Types of educational institutions that require English teachers:

Following are the institutions that prevail in Singapore-

Public schools: This sector has a good deal of opportunities for the teachers. You can speak directly to the authorities of the school or the Ministry of education. In case you crack the job offer via the Ministry of Education, your salary will be a bit low but you can enjoy some excellent perks for real. Whereas, getting the job by speaking directly with the teachers will be more beneficial.

International schools: The competition over here is top-notch. Besides, TEFL qualifications, you must have a college or university degree to get a job in these institutions. Highly qualified candidates across the globe apply for jobs in international institutions. If you have working experience besides the mandatory qualifications, you are one of the best-fitted candidates for this role.

Private schools: Scenes are not that special over here. The amenities are not that special and the salary structure is also lesser than the private and international schools.

Working hours in all these kinds of institutions mostly run for 20-25 hours a week. The average salary structure to teach English in Singapore is $2700-$3500 per month.

Cost of living and culture:

Singapore, being one of the fastest developed countries, that has transformed itself drastically from 3rd world to 1st country status will obviously pay you more than many other countries. As a matter of fact, the living cost is also higher. If you get paid within 2500-300 USD, you can lead a comfortable life and can save up to 500 USD.

Public transportation is super efficient and local foods are the best. Thus, owning a car or eating at premium food joints will let you flush money necessarily. Hence, you should figure out how to go beyond the break-even point and save money.

There are mainly four races that live in Singapore. Those are the Chinese, the Indians, the Malays, and the Caucasians. People pay respect to elders and you are supposed to be soft-spoken and polite. They prefer a close personal relationship before landing into any sort of business. You should be careful and observe every minute detail before reacting to any kind of situation.

Thus, if teaching English in Singapore is your dream, do not wait longer. Start searching for teaching jobs and notice the requirements the schools are in need of. Google out the pros and cons, check their websites, learn more about their cultures, keep all the necessary documents handy, and there you go, perfectly fit for becoming an English teacher in Singapore.


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