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TEFL has a great job market presently and higher qualification in the same can take you a long way. You can pursue both in-class or online TEFL course (MA) according to your preference and availability.

Are you looking for a course that will help you develop an insightful understanding of teaching English as a foreign language? Are you planning to climb higher with your in-depth knowledge about the course? Then what you are ideally looking for is a Master's degree in TEFL. This in class or online TEFL course (you can choose either of the modes for pursuing the course) includes more or less all the fundamental essentials of teaching a second or foreign language and designed scientifically, incorporating all the basic skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This updated and upgraded course helps you embark on a dream career that many conceive only in their dreams. Grab the opportunity to reside and travel in some of the most exotic and picturesque locations of the world. Go there, teach students, earn handsomely and explore endlessly. Not just that, the course also has other allied modules including Business English opening newer avenues for you in corporate sectors, international schools and so on.

This is generally a 4 semester course that takes a number of diverse topics in consideration. These are aspects of child development, principles associated with early childhood education, instructional strategies, resource management, language development, classroom management, instructional strategies, grammar, phonetics and pronunciation teaching, educational administration, disaster management, care and nutrition, and research project. Apart from the designed modules, one will also get a better handholding of communicative language teaching, error correction, different ways of language presentation and various aspects of teaching productive and receptive skills.

The course can be pursued in online or distance mode. Anyone just over with his/her college degree to someone in his/her mid corporate career can opt for the course. The best thing is you do not have to upset your present schedule to take the course. You can pursue the course anytime according to your convenience. Furthermore, someone done with the bachelor's degree in TEFL can surely go for the masters for greater exposure and better pay.

Here are some advantages of a Master's TEFL clubbed together

  • There are a number of well acclaimed institutions that offer a 1-year MA TEFL at a cost effective price thereby making it accessible to a lot of students from different social strata.
  • The certificates offered are in most cases recognized globally and are accredited by some of the most reputable institutions worldwide.
  • MA TEFL can be pursued while continuing a regular academic course or a job for the course offers flexible timing.
  • The course materials are generally available 24*7 and the online tutors are available round the clock to answer any and every query.
  • Many institutions have the policy of not mentioning online on the certificate to add greater credibility in front of the employers.

An MA TEFL degree will enable you view the language teaching methodologies through diverse contexts, approaches and purposes. Not only will you know the general yet essential styles of language teaching from the course but also learn about other technical details essential for teaching a foreign tongue to a bunch of non-native speakers who either have no clue of the language or speak it as a third or foreign language.

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