Eligibility for TESOL certification

TESOL certification is a 120 hrs initial teacher training course which is a requisite for a person aspiring to be an ESL teacher anywhere across the globe. Special skills and techniques required to teach students whose first language is not English, are the main components of the course.

All applications for the TESOL course are welcome from adults regardless of age sex, nationality or race.

This course is generally suitable for

  • Graduates in any discipline
  • People looking for a switch in their career at any point of their lives
  • People wishing to travel around the world
  • An active teacher who wants to teach in another country or a different level of students
  • People wanting to act as voluntary teachers for a noble cause.

The profile may change from person to person but the common factor remains that one will not only be gainfully employed but can also derive considerable enjoyment from the experience.

  • For a fresh graduate the TESOL course can be a welcome break before moving on to further education. The TESOL certificate can help him not only to gain teaching experience, but also travel to exotic locations across the world if he wants to. It's an invaluable experience to serve the society as well as to enrich your knowledge.
  • For people looking for a change from their stagnating career the TESOL course can be a guiding light which brings in a different exposure as well as a change from the monotony of their profession, working as a rejuvenating change.
  • The penchant for travelling can take you to exotic places with the TESOL certification being a passport to the world. You can teach and travel and earn while you learn- an ideal combination for the people looking for some adventure, or bitten by the wanderlust.
  • For and active teacher who wants a change in the levels that he/she is already teaching or a change from the subject that he or she is teaching the TESOL certification aids in the process , offering you to continue with what is your passion along with a new suitable variation.
  • If your passion is philanthropy then the TESOL certification can fulfill this wish - one can serve the society and also reinvent oneself as a teacher and role model. An ideal way to meaningfully serve the society and self.

The TESOL course is open to any adult above the age of 18 years - the eligibility criteria is that a person should be having the ability to communicate in native or near native English. The other focus is that the course involves reflective teaching as well as learning- so a trainee student needs to have the capability of turning in university level responses for the given assignments in the course.

So the TESOL course invites all- from students, to professionals, to retired personnel to take the plunge and change your perspective in life. To earn gainfully and take back an enriching experience of a lifetime as your reward.

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