400 Hours of International PG Diploma in TESOL/TEFL Program

The 400-hour PG Diploma Course for Teachers and Trainers is a comprehensive program covering a wide array of topics - TEFL, Train the Trainer, Education Management and Special Education (LD or ADHD or Autism) which is designed to prepare teaching professionals who are planning to make a foray into teaching/training and the administrative wing of an educational institution. The online Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL which is divided into three components starts with TEFL course which is an international training course for teachers where the candidates are acquainted with the latest approaches and the current methodologies in the field of teaching English followed by the second component Train the Trainer course which is a scientifically designed course providing a thorough understanding of the nuances of corporate training. The next component of the program - Education Management is designed by the best minds in the business incorporating the latest techniques and the practical skills to smoothly run the operations of an educational institution. The final component of this online international English teaching course, is the Special Education part, where the student needs to choose between LD or ADHD or Autism which will help the candidate with a better understanding of the individuals in an inclusive classroom.
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