220 Hours of International TEFL Diploma Program

The online TEFL Diploma Course is a combination of the TEFL Certificate course and the Diploma module. The complete Diploma TESOL course can be done within the span of 8 months of time. The TESOL Diploma online course is a value addition for teachers who are already TEFL or TESOL certified. The course may also be enrolled by the experienced or aspiring teachers looking to have an edge over others.

This 220 Hours online TEFL course is a much-advanced course than the certificate as the research module included in the Diploma course is to give the candidates a better understanding of the subject and the TEFL course methodologies. Moreover, candidates pursuing our International TEFL Diploma course can specialize either in Business English Teacher Training Course or Young Learners Teachers Training Course, according to the choice of their interest. The self-study projects and research module in the Course is also apt for teachers who want to teach English effectively and to make themselves well known in the ESL teaching field.
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