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Like many other developing non-English speaking countries China is hungry to learn English Language. There is an ample chance of job for teachers who are interested to teach English in China.

But before deciding to pick up a job in China one has to be very careful. As at times it can be rewarding but it could be a nightmare in case you land up with the wrong association. Your varied experience while teaching Chinese would make you a learner. One has to be very careful before landing up with a job sometimes you miss to consult minute details and face tremendous problem.

You have to be careful about location of the school too. Most of us have fair idea about Beijing and Shanghai being the most popular cities of China, but there are other cities which are not so popular but quiet well developed. In case you are looking for a mild winter one can go to South China. Any one fond of beautiful beaches can head straight to East China. But in case you are offered a job in Northwest then he/she has to get ready to rough it out as this part of the country is not so developed.

Before setting your foot on these shores one has to make sure that you have stamped contract. A red stamp on the contract is understood to be authentic. The payments, the number of hours to be taught and also regarding the paid holidays should be discussed before signing the agreement.

The range of salary one can expect is between 2000-4000 RMB. Sometimes if there is no one who has a working knowledge of English language in the institution it might pose a problem as communication simply might stop at a point.

Most of the time the institution allows to frame one's lesson independently, but at times they insist the teacher to teach with instructional material. But one can be innovative as there are loads of materials available in net. But the best option is to enroll for TESOL of TEFL courses offered by Asian College of Teachers; the teacher would be equipped with enough material till one get into a grove.

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