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ESL teaching has garnered widespread presence in Europe. The demand for native English teachers is very high in Europe. ESL teaching job opportunities are available in various countries of Europe like France, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc. Those who desire for a professional ESL teaching career abroad must look for an ESL job in Europe because of the values given to the ESL teachers. Teaching aspirants should choose carefully the country they would like to teach since the teaching criteria vary from one place to another. In some countries it may be quite convenient to get an ESL job while in some it may be difficult on the basis of requirements.

There is always a great demand for ESL teachers in Germany and accommodation facilities are too generally provided for them there. Thus, anyone who has got a TEFL/TSL certification and grasp in English can easily bag a high-salaried job in Germany.

While in Italy, the scenario is quite unlike Germany. Non-Europeans are generally not hired for ESL jobs in Italy, unless they prove that they can bring any improvement or positive change to the job which no one else can. The process of getting permit to work in Italy for the non-Europeans is very costly and tedious. The fact of giving preference to the Europeans while ESL recruitment in Italy is very discouraging for the non-European aspiring teachers and makes it extremely tough for them to arrange an ESL job for them there.

Obtaining permits to work in Greece is also very difficult leading to the presence of few native ESL teachers there, which reflects that Greece is not a perfect choice as an ESL job location for them.

In France, hiring of ESL teachers generally take place on a corporate or business level. So those who possess knowledge about international communication along with perfect English can manage an ESL job in France with a great ease.

The varied requirements of ESL teachers in diverse countries of Europe show that ESL teachings have importance there. ESL teaching aspirants who are truly adventurous in nature and interested to lead their lives abroad must opt for an ESL teaching job in Europe to have a productive professional teaching life.

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