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The demand for ESL teachers is on the rise all around the globe. Commensuration with the demand there are a large number of TESOL or TEFL course providers who are training well groomed second language English teachers. However, the demand for well trained ESL teachers who have graduated from eminent and world renowned institution like The Asian College of Teachers are increasing by the day.

The demand for well qualified English teachers are specially high in, Thailand, China, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan and other South east Asian countries. In this part of the world the teachers enjoy a very special place and are respected and revered by one and all. Teachers from the Western world also get a taste of Asian culture and hospitality. The pay package offered to native speakers is enough not only to lead a comfortable life style but certain amount can also be saved. Other perks in terms of well furnished accommodation is provided by some employers. On completion of their tenure certain Schools and institutions have the trend of offering cash awards and certificates to the teachers, who have excelled and left a mark on the students. Those who have a passion for teaching and are avid travelers, Asia is the most suitable job destination for you. This part of the world enjoy a very reasonable cost of living and a reasonable amount of the pay package can be saved on travel, to explore and enjoy the flora and the fauna, the temples, palaces and the ocean.

Most employers in Asia offer jobs on contractual basis, which are renewable. Teachers who do not wish to continue with their jobs and wish to quit can do so after the completion of the contract period.

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