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The International TESOL Program by ACT is an accredited program where we have tutors of international standards. We understand the importance of trainers for a successful course and moreover booming trainee. Like the course content or other materials, it is also important to have good tutors who are ready to dedicate themselves to their students.

Asian College of Teachers has the best of trainers in the industry of teachers training. Our tutors along with their high academic qualification has years of experience in a teaching career both in India and abroad. There are in all 5 tutors and 1 coordinator appointed for our students. Our tutors are totally dedicated and are willing to help out the students as far possible during the course. The candidates can send their queries through e-mail, by post or through phone calls. If required the students can also avail Live Chats with our coordinator or trainer.

The distance candidates or online TESOL candidates can also come down to our center after getting an appointment from the tutor if they want a one to one session. The tutors will help them understand in case they have any doubts regarding the course.

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